Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy...busy...and candy from Jacque!!

Hi all! This week has been flying by... we had calling hours for my friend's mother who passed away last Thursday. I made the memorial board for her and was happy with the way it turned out! They always take longer than I think they should, but everyone said it was beautiful! I had to make more sympathy cards this week, one of our good customers at my husband's shop also passed away, so I didn't invent the wheel, just went with the one that I posted below! Very quick to make!!
I'm working on a special project for my sister. She has been diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer, very rare, but it sounds like the doctors are optimistic... she will probably start chemo Feb. 1, so I'm making a box filled with cards that have inspirational sayings on them so she can pull one out if she is feeling a little down. I have the box and four of the little cards done, I'll post them when they are finished! I take such inspiration from a wonderful artist, Jacque Beddingfield, who battled breast cancer with such dignity and optimism! I know I've mentioned her before, you just really need to see her work!!
And speaking of Jacque, she has MORE awesome candy to give away!! Make sure you stop at her blog:
Hope to be back with project very soon!!!


  1. Your cards are all just so sweet! What a thoughtful thing to do for your sister. I hope she is doing better soon.

  2. Hey Miss Teri -- you have done some pretty amazing work her honey child! Best wishes for your sister dear heart. Your lovely cards should cheer anyone up!


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