Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a crazy life...

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to add to my blog! It isn't even like I've been doing a lot of fun stuff, just busy with every day living!! We went to our camper this past weekend, just Bill and me, it was very quiet, but oh, so hot!! We actually went to a corn fest and I had sweet corn ice cream! So adventurous!! It tasted like vanilla ice cream with crunchy things in it~ not too bad, would I order it again? Probably not!!! LOL!! But hey, I had to try it!! Sunday we went to my most favorite restaurant for my birthday, Carabbas!! Yummy!! The little ones were so good, it helps when they get a handful of bread dough to play with!
This card is for my friend, Jen's, challenge. She has posted a sketch and this is my take on it. This is my first time using my prismacolor markers and I have a lonnggg way to go!! I guess I will just have to keep on practicing! The colors are not my usual, so bright, but I think it looks happy too!! I just love this little CC Designs party girl!! Thanks, Deb, for letting me use your stamps, you're the best!!!!!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Land of Magnolia Contest entry

This was my entry in the Land of Magnolia contest a while back, I won 4th place, and received the Sweden Raising the Ceiling collection and two Tildas of my choice!! Very fun!!! All the winners are being showcased on the Magnolia blog: . The only sad part was that I had to send the book to Diana, I'll have to make me one soon!! I also had to hand write my story, since my computer decided to die, but I think that actually helped me out a little!! LOL!! All the images were colored with prismacolors and gamsol and I used the scor-pal for the edges of each page. I found the book on my grandson's bookcase, an old board book that had seen better days, so I tore off the shiny pages and glued the cardstock ones on!! Hope you like it!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! It always goes by way too fast!! We went to a great picnic on Saturday at our friends house and Matthew got to kayak!! He's never even seen one before, let alone be in one!! He took to it like a duck to water!! It was so neat to see him paddling all over the pond, he even got in a sticky situation and was able to manuever his way out!! Now he wants one... I keep telling him our tiny pond in the backyard won't even be big enough for the kayak to go in, but he thinks we should just make it bigger!!!
We went down to the camper on Sunday and I took my Tildas to color, of course!! I have about 30 done and now I need to get busy and create with them!!!
Enjoy your Tuesday!!!