Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Village

Good Morning!! Oh my gosh, we have gone from cold, rainy days to hot, hot, hot!!! I have always said I wanted warm weather, but I do NOT want hot!! Give me a nice 70-75 degrees and a slight breeze... sigh... wishful thinking!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and gave thanks to our magnificant troops and veterans! I have three nephews in the military and my Dad was in WW2, so I have great respect for our brave men and women!!! We went to our camper this weekend and while it was a fun time, the flies were horrible and loved biting me, Kaitlyn and Matthew!! Now we are all itchy and red... yuck.

I wanted to show you some little houses I've been working on! I got the idea from Beatriz Jennings blog http://www.iralamija.blogspot.com She makes the sweetest little ones, hers are about 1/2" - 3" I think, mine are from 3"-5"... Bill cut them for me from scraps we had around, I love the randomness of them... so cute!! I made a set for my sister and my friend for their birthdays, the initials are last names and the numbers are for their house number!! They are a blast to make and I'm planning on a bunch for a craft show this fall that my friend is having!!! I have a lot of ideas... Christmas, Fall... and I do have two I made for me that are shabby chic... just haven't gotten to take a pic yet... when I do, I'll show you those... too sweet!! Well, Matthew has field day today so I need to get over to the school, hopefully the heat will hold off a little for the morning!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!




  1. Aloha Teri,
    That is soo beautiful. I am having a ALOHA Sweet blog candy so if your interested please visit my blog for more details.

  2. These little houses are just adorable! I love the ribbon on the roof tops. Just darling. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. My studio is 10' x 12'. Not too big ... but prefect for me. See you soon!


  3. Teri...
    Miss ya girl...I love these lil' houses..WOuld love to make some myself. Thanks for the inspiration.... Your blog is FULL of it...
    Love and hugs

  4. Your houses are adorable! I love the glittered rooftops and the colors are divine! Great job!!



  5. I was introduced to this wonderful blog today -- my first ever blogging experience! And, to my delight, my birthday present was the topic of this blog!! I am enjoying my present very much & have had so many comments from friends who have seen my houses on display. They all love them! For any one reading this, you've probably figured out that I am Teri's sister. Her work is just fabulous & we (her family) can't wait to be the recipient of one of her creations! Love the "Spunky & Tadpole"!! Love you, too!


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