Friday, September 30, 2011

A new Fall Wreath and a cute kid!!

Happy October!! (almost) My nieces have all been going crazy making fabulous wreaths for Fall, Halloween, etc. and so I decided to make one for my door! This is a really, really quick project: get a 6 year old to rip fabric strips, wrap around a styrofoam wreath, pin in place, cut out some flowers and leaves, stitch a little, add some buttons and raffia bows and call it a day!! Not as fancy as some of theirs, but I'll hang it on my door and feel very accomplished!! Haha!! I also had to show you this picture of my little Kaitlyn in her fashionista outfit!! I just thought she looked extra cute that day!! That's it for tonight, I have a wedding card to photograph and will post it tomorrow! Have a great Saturday!


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