Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a rainy start to our day.... the egg hunt still went on as planned, it just went really fast!! It's a good thing there are just the two little ones,  so the Easter bunny didn't have to hide very many!!!! Since we were at the Inn, the baskets were in the barn and the kids loved everything they got! We even "planted" jelly beans the night before... magic ones... and in the morning there were rainbow lollipops!! I'm pretty sure Matthew wasn't fooled, and maybe not even Kaitlyn, but they at least acted excited!!! I wish I had known about this even when my kids were small, it would've been such a neat tradition to start!!! I also wish we had taken pictures!!!! LOL!!!!
I've made a few Easter things this year, even though we weren't going to be home, I'll save them for next year! The first are dimensional Easter Eggs that I saw on Pinterest!!! They are made like the pumpkins everyone has been doing... I cut four ovals for these, but I may make more and try five or six just to make them more rounded! I'm also going to make some smaller ones that won't be all decorated so they can be fill-ins! My favorite is the pink glittered polka dots!!!
I also made some little baskets! They are a cinch to make from a 6 x 6 piece of paper! This was my favorite... of course it has Maggie on it!! LOL!!! Some I just did very simply with little doilies and flowers! We've (Kaitlyn and I) have been handing them out to neighbors and friends! She just loves them!!!!

And last, but certainly not least, is Kaitlyn's birthday card I made! She is a St.Patrick's Day baby... this is a Saturated Canary image.... I was so bummed after I took the picture and was ready to give it to her... the blue blob of paint is NOT supposed to be there!!!! I think a little girl had some wet projects and they sort of collided! After almost having heart failure, I decided to just add a little green heart over it! And the other blue spot was conviently over the pocket, so it sort of looks like a hanky!!! LOL!!! She loves it and that's all that counts!!!!

So that's it for me for today, I have a CC Design card I'm almost done with... it's for my great niece for her first birthday!!
Take care,



  1. Wowwww Teri! You have so many gorgeous projects you did! I love them all! Absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Glad to hear that you all had such a beautiful Easter! I agree, it's so priceless to see the kids faces as they know the Easter Bunny has come! :) hehe!

    Big Hugs,

  2. Stunning Easter projects! Love the card for Kaitlin, perfect image for a St Paddy's day babe!! Love your story of planting the jelly beans too! Must give that a go next year!!! Utterly gorgeous idea. Beautiful colouring job on your projects, love the SC image so much and seriously didn't notice the blue 'til you pointed it out! Hugs, Wends x

  3. oh my gosh.. Teri.
    all your work is so stinking cute.
    but i got to tell you I love what you did to Tilda's eyes :-) this really makes her look so different!

  4. those little eggs are adorable.
    wish I'd seen them sooner. Could have done that with grandkids.
    maybe next year. =)

    be blessed


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