Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little place of my own!!

I was thinking the other day that I never showed my art room finished!!! Somewhere in the past posts are photos of it in progress, but I finally have some better ones!!! So here we go.....This first one is what used to be a closet... now it's my computer spot! I made the inspiration board from an old frame and covered a lamp shade to match! The blue chest is for my scraps... I want to get a white one some time... Grab a cup of something, there are a LOT of pictures! I love spending time in here, it's my dream spot!!!! You can click on the pictures to make them larger!
This is the built in bookshelf, it has lots of space for displaying treasures, too. The photo below it is the cabinet with pull out drawers, I keep my punches and sewing machine in them.
The next two pictures are of my Cricut "station", again, lots of storage in the cabinets above and below is where I store my 8 1/2 x 11 paper and my ribbons in plastic boxes. The drawers hold my cutting plates for the Cuttlebug and tools for the Cricut. I love the shelf for the cartridges, it was made from leftover counter top!

The next few pictures are the wall opposite the bookshelf and cutting station! There are two "desk" areas, the first photo is where my granddaughter has made her own little spot!! The drawer thingie is filled with all her stuff! My sister made the paper wreath that is hanging up for my birthday, I love it!!
 My buttons in mason jars! More cupboards above!
This is where I work! I got the "create" banner in a swap, it works perfectly there!
This shows the drawers on the side, the bottom one holds 12 x 12 paper!
There are three drawers between the work stations that hold glues, trims, chalks, etc.
These are some of my stamps that are behind the door, mostly my Penny Black ones that I love!
And a pretty wreath on the door!
Thanks for taking my "tour", hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some ideas, too!!


  1. Your craftroom looks fabulous, I love all the cupboard space, I'm sure there will be some awesome creations coming from there
    Hugs julie P

  2. Wow! How exciting. It looks wonderful. Isn't great to have your own sanctuary?


  3. Oh I loooove looking at peoples' spaces!!!! Thanks for neat and tidy!!!
    Rene :D

  4. o wat netjes allemaal en wat een ruimte
    Liefs anneke

  5. Hermoso me encanta tu espacio saludos...

  6. You have a GREAT craft-room !! I wish it was mine .... Christa.

  7. Look how neat your are. Your special place is gorgeous!! You lucky girl!!

  8. Hello Teri! I am your newest follower because you found my blog and left the sweetest comment on my craft room post! I am excited to find you and get to visit your craft room too! I see you make beautiful cards! I love seeing your work displayed on your shelves. You have some awesome areas in there! The Cricut station is great! I haven't used mine in so long that I'm packing it up to give to my step daughter who will be teaching soon. Of course if she ends up not using it she will have to give it back...just in case !
    Thanks so much for popping by. It's nice to meet you!

  9. I looooove your craft room, can I come and craft with you lol?? You have everything so nice and neat,... Thanks for sharing!!!


  10. I would give anything for your craft room!

  11. Your craft room looks wonderful, thanks for sharing
    Hugs Julie P

  12. Terri-
    Im late -- way late to the party for visiting all the wonderful craft rooms -- but Im so excited to see yours! OMgosh -- its so neat -- is it always that way!!! I love your buttons in Mason jars -- thats the way I find them at the flea markets -- so perfect. Your white cupboards are beautiful - and all of your stamping treasures are so neatly tucked away --- you are one very organized lady -- and you have a beautiful room in which to create :)



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