Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another day, another project!

The little ones and I have had a busy morning, we went to the park, had a little McDonald's snack, (aren't the caramel frappes the best????!!!!) and then went to the library. Matthew joined the summer book club, so I guess we will be reading a lot!!! He likes it because there are prizes for everyone, a five year olds dream!!! LOL!!!
Anyway, Kaitlyn is napping and Matthew is chilling to Curious George, so I thought I'd pop another project on the blog. This is one of the matchbox treasure boxes! It's also another Gibbs word of the day, Magic in a box. I filled the drawers with all kinds of little goodies for my partner!! I think I'm going to make one using the larger matchboxes, too! Hope you like it!!


  1. Tori, your project is beautiful, love those little drawers and heart buttons!
    Silvie from France

  2. That's my box! That's my box!!! It is soooo beautiful Teri. I thought I'd opened all the drawers but I missed one whole side and it had the cutest metal embellishments. A bunch of them. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!


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