Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Gibbs project, this was Alter a tin. We have 25 words and most of them should be handmade, which I love doing! Of course, Tilda is here, paper flowers, ribbon and lace, all the things I love, so I'm hoping Tammy will love them,too!!! The tin holds a lot of Tilda images that I stamped for her to color, she can use it for anything, little treasures, etc. Love making the tins!!!!

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  1. I have a handful of friends and i assigned them with a technique that no one can beat them to.You are under my book the QUEEN TO ALTERING TINS!!! You do dht emost gorgeous creations with them.Hands down gorgeous!!AGAIN beautiful colors and the shabby chic look.I just love,Ruby♥


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