Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Past Creations...

Some of my past creations for various projects...


  1. Wow your cards AND projects are amazing! Welcome to the world of blogging!! I have so many friends through it and love to share with each and gather inspiration. :)

  2. Hi Teri, I took the time to read and look through the 1st page of your blog. Love your cards and projects, especially the little book you made. Thanks for showing the individual pages. Linda S. in NE

  3. Really enjoyed your blog...and your cards are so cute. I especially liked this one, called "thinking of you", and the baby shower one! Adorable! You do some really creative stuff. Will read more as I can, so I became a follower! God bless! Debi

  4. Sorry I haven't been here before this evening. Things at my end haven't been the best.
    I am very attracted to your work. It must be the soft pastel colours and very pretty DP. Your colouring is wonderful as well.
    I have enjoyed looking and will try to keep up from now on.
    Hugs, Candy


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